Wreaths Across America is an experience that brings companies and communities together to share stories of service and sacrifice while remembering and honoring our nation’s military heroes. Companies that support the mission engage with their employees, families, customers, and communities to highlight stories of “Service and Success.” In supporting this year-round mission, companies are able to encourage internal and external engagement, promote support of our military families and veterans, and offer multi-office volunteer event opportunities.

We need YOUR help to spread the mission.

Wreaths Across America has more than 4,225 participating locations (and is growing), allowing companies and their constituents the opportunity to support the mission while serving their community. A multitude of ways to help exist, from sponsoring wreaths to supporting the vast number of programs that have grown the mission over the years.

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much.
~Helen Keller

Wreath Sponsorship
Wreath Sponsorship
Wreath sponsorships are the most popular way to partner with the Wreaths Across America mission. There are several packages that go along with your contribution amount.

With this sponsorship, you can designate which participating cemetery your sponsored wreath will be placed at. With over 3,700 participating cemeteries, as well as, Arlington National Cemetery we can find a location that fits your needs and engages your employees, customers, and community.

We also offer our "sponsorship pages" to engage your network and get them involved in the mission by helping to raise funds for wreath sponsorships. This tool allows the sponsor to designate their wreath sponsorship while supporting your companies goal.
Mobile Education Exhibit
Mobile Education Exhibit
The goal of the Wreaths Across America Mobile Education Exhibit (MEE) is to bring local communities and our military together with education, stories, and interactive connections.

In 2022, the MEE held 158 events in 21 states. WAA has a partnership with the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration to Welcome Home Vietnam veterans. The MEE team welcomed home 1,055 Vietnam Veterans and performed a pinning ceremony.

The MEE contributes to 10% of WAA's earned media and had 2,000 earned media articles, 2.4 billion earned media impressions. The communications team utilizes our hyper-local approach to establish these types of impressions.
Wreaths Across America Radio
Wreaths Across America Radio

Along with broadcasting informational and inspiring content, Wreaths Across America Radio plays a variety of music with the roots firmly planted in patriotism with a country music thread running through the core of the stream. Wreaths Across America Radio has a live morning show every weekday morning from 6 am to 10 am Eastern, along with a variety of special programs that support the mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. #WreathsRadio is an opportunity for you to promote your events and fundraisers all throughout the year! Most importantly, Wreaths Across America Radio is your radio station, specially designed to be a voice for America’s Veterans.  Wreaths Across America Radio only works if you are involved.

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Transportation/Honor Fleet
Transportation/Honor Fleet

Each year, with the help of hundreds of volunteer transportation companies, Wreaths Across America can honor our Nation?s Heroes. The efforts of the generous company owners, the professional drivers, and all their employees make the mission possible. The trucks, trains, and even ships are responsible for carrying millions of sponsored Veterans? Wreaths to a growing number of participating locations across the United States and beyond. These fine people make up our ?Honor Fleet.?

296 companies
644 loads of wreaths delivered.
68 loads of wreaths delivered to Arlington National Cemetery
7 Cross-docks
6 Hubs
32 Intermodal loads

3 Cargo companies delivering wreaths by ship

Wreaths Across America would also like to thank the trucking industry for their support in delivering the sponsored wreaths to over 3,700+ locations nationwide! To find a list of those companies, please visit Support Transportation.

      A key mission component is to Teach the next generation the value of freedom. Gold Star Mother and retired schoolteacher Cindy Tatum has created and implemented hundreds of character-based lesson plans since 2022. These lesson plans are designed to be utilized by public, private, home school, and for family activities.

      Kindergarten through 12th-grade lesson plans

      Quarterly Educational Webinars

      Quarterly Teaching Times Newsletter
      Three levels of "Live with Purpose" action plans
      Five Education Partners

      • Library of Congress Veterans History Project
      • IKE Eisenhower Foundation
      • Congressional Medal of Honor Society
      • Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
      • The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration

Wreaths Across America hosts multiple events throughout the year, from monuments, radio, trade shows, conventions, Stem to Stone, and two Welcome Rally events the evening before National Wreaths Across America Day in New York and D.C.  To view upcoming events, please visit Events page.

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