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Claude Wollak, Navy
Claude Wollak, Navy, Posted by: Tara Wollak
In Loving Memory of Grandpa (Claude Wollak) who served in WW2. And in Honor of my Dad (Norbert Wollak) who served in Vietnam. Thank you both for your service. Love, Tara Wollak
Dustin L. Poole thank you for your service in the United States Air Force!
Gary Chimienti, Army
Gary Chimienti, Army, Sgt. Major., Posted by: MARIE E. FELIS
Gary Chimienti
Gary Chimienti, Posted by: MARIE E. FELIS
Everett Groves, Army
Everett Groves, Army, Posted by: Ruth Dailey
At 21 years of age he gave it all.
Richard Britton, Navy
Richard Britton, Navy, Posted by: Brenda H.
Richard Britton, US Navy. In gratitude of his service to our country, and appreciation for his love and support of his family.
Ella McBride
Ella McBride, Posted by: Robert R.
In loving memory of Robert & Ella McBride.
Robert McBride, Army
Robert McBride, Army, Posted by: Robert R.
In loving memory of Robert & Ella McBride.
Vernon L Shermeyer, Army
Vernon L Shermeyer, Army, Posted by: Kay A.
to ALL who have served and are serving to keep us free - a sincere THANK YOU!
Robert O'Dell
Robert O'Dell, Posted by: Carol Johnson
William C. Nielsen, Navy
William C. Nielsen, Navy, CPR
Bert Garcia, Army
Bert Garcia, Army, Born 7/26/1959, Passed on 9/2/2018, Posted by: Tiffany Garcia
I miss and love you always, Daddy! Love, Tiffany Garcia
Dennis Bowers, Marine Corps
Dennis Bowers, Marine Corps, Corporal
Thank you Denny Bowers for your service.
The men and women who have given their lives to allow us to go about our days as we do. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
David Lapidus, Navy
David Lapidus, Navy, Posted by: Ina W.
Thank you for your Service, Uncle David.
Alan Stein, Army
Alan Stein, Army, Posted by: Ina W.
Thank you for your years of service! Colonel, Alan L. Stein, Ret.