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Tina Beattie
Tina Beattie, Posted by: Ezra Beattie
In Honor of my lovely wife! Christmas was always a special and happy time of the year for Tina. She loved to curl up in the bed or a recliner and watch Christmas movies, eating popcorn or snacks. I will always love you, and I will never, ever forget you. My heart is broken, and life will never be the same for me. For 46 years, you were my co-pilot, my right hand, my guide light. You were my all. I will miss you always! I love you! Bea!
Raymond and Betty Lambring
Raymond and Betty Lambring, Posted by: Eddie E Hall
Mom and Dad... we still miss you forever and a day. With all our live, your FAMILY.
Rebecca Jean Herrera Blakeney, Air Force
Rebecca Jean Herrera Blakeney, Air Force, Captain, Posted by: Christine Herrera Cantlin
Thank you to all who have served or are still in service to our country. May God bless you and your families always. We remember especially, Rebecca Jean Herrera Blakeney. Thank you for all of the many joyful memories. We love and miss you very much. With love, Christine & Matt
Louis Qualls, Marine Corps
Louis Qualls, Marine Corps, Posted by: Michael Wittrock
Lance Corporal Louis Qualls was a motivated, brave and honorable Marine that was a pleasure to serve with. He was killed in action during the 2nd battle of Fallujah (Operation al-Fajr) in November 2004. He was fighting a terrorist that lived and was trained to destroy our country and our way of life through fear. That terrorist didn’t find fear in Louis Qualls. I also knew first hand how he volunteered to go to Iraq fully knowing and understanding the risks. I will work tirelessly to make sure his story and memory are long lasting for many. Louis gave up two lives, the one he was living and the one he would have lived. God Bless Louis for his service, his bravery and his sacrifice. As long as I live, you will have a wreath on your Grave each December. Love and miss you brother.
Ronald Crosby, Army
Ronald Crosby, Army, Posted by: Carla Crosby
To the Greatest of them All....Sgt. Ronald L. Crosby. Died 2/2/22. U.S. Army. Buried in the wall at DFW National Cemetery.
Betty Gardiner, Air Force
Betty Gardiner, Air Force, Capt., Born 07/20/43, Passed on 11/12/07
Betty I Gardiner, loving Mom and devoted servant of God.
John Parker, Army
John Parker, Army, Posted by: Sharon G.
PFC John K. Parker, WW 2, Italy Thurman G. Parker, WW2, US Navy
Charles Graham, Army
Charles Graham, Army, Posted by: Timothy G.
In honor and memory of Charles E. and Johnnie M. Graham
Michael Ryan, Navy
Michael Ryan, Navy, Posted by: John Ryan
Michael Christopher Ryan, we miss you.
Steven Keene, Marine Corps
Steven Keene, Marine Corps, Posted by: Christi Greenwell
Steve, it doesn't seem like it has been almost two years since you went to heaven. I feel like it was just today that we shared a good laugh and a warm hug. I ruminate on the many gifts you gave us. Your wonderful sense of humor, your stoic and steady sense of duty and most certainly the love you have for all of us. We are doing okay knowing that you are always with us. We are getting ready to have a great-grandson so we are rejoicing in God's blessings. You will always be with me. You have my heart. I love you. Christi
Roger Owens, Army
Roger Owens, Army, Posted by: Leah Owens
My Vietnam Veteran hero, my husband Roger Owens, who is now suffering the after effects of Agent Orange and was caught up in the Tet Offensive, January, ‘68.
Gerald Mieritz, Air Force
Gerald Mieritz, Air Force
In honor of and in loving memory of "Guy", you are missed beyond measure. Hope you aren't watching politics from heaven :)
Lawrence Freeman , Air Force
Lawrence Freeman , Air Force, Posted by: Charlotte F.
Hope you are enjoying your ice cream.
Alfred Brandon, Army
Alfred Brandon, Army, Posted by: Debbie J.
Thank you for your service, Mr. Alfred Brandon! With much love, your family
Mitchell Lee Helton, Navy
Mitchell Lee Helton, Navy, Posted by: Lori D.
Mitchell Lee Helton. Thank you for your service.
Gonzalo C. Diaz, Air Force
Gonzalo C. Diaz, Air Force, Posted by: Lori D.
Thank you for your service. You would be so proud of the man your son has become.