Wreaths Radio Programming Update

Wreaths Across America Radio was started to provide recognition and share stories of Wreaths Across America volunteers nationwide. By mixing patriotic music with the stories of volunteers, supporters and like-minded organizations, Wreaths Across America Radio could support locations and groups at a local level while sharing the mission worldwide.


In 2020, Wreaths Across America Radio added its first externally produced radio show, beginning to expand the programming offered. In 2021, an additional two shows were added to the station. Realizing that veteran-centric content was important to audiences and that veterans themselves often produce these shows, we continued to make additions to the station. Since September 2022, Wreaths Across America Radio has added over 40 new veteran-related partners to our lineup! 


Shows range from content about receiving benefits, stories of military families, military music, and discussions about how to continue serving beyond the military. Many programs also discuss the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder in the veteran community. Vietnam veteran Mike Spotswood hosts “Cup of Joe Radio,” the first externally produced show added to the station in 2020. Mike says he does his show to entertain and inform and admits that doing the program helps him deal with his PTSD.


We’re proud to provide a platform for veterans, military families, and Wreaths Across America volunteers to come together and share their stories. Here is a complete list of shows we have added since 2020; all times are in Eastern:


1 Mile 1 Veteran Podcast: Danny Mayberry Thursday 5-6 PM; Friday 2-3 AM; Saturday 10-11 AM


The American Hero Show podcast with Travis Mills Monday 7-8 PM; Saturday 7-8 AM; Sunday 4-5 AM


American Warrior Radio Monday 11 AM-Noon; Thursday 6-7 PM; Saturday 3-4 AM


AUSA’s Army Matters podcast  Monday 2-3 PM & 8-9 PM


Bulletproof Podcast Monday 10-11 PM


Celebrity Salute Thursday Noon-1 PM; Friday 5-6 AM; Saturday Noon-1 PM


Contagion Effect  Tuesday 11 PM-Midnight; Thursday Midnight-1 AM; Friday 4-5 AM


Connect First Wednesday 11:30 AM-Noon; Saturday 7-8 PM


Cup of Joe Radio: Mike and Irene Spotswood play great music and talk about veteran issues on Friday 4-6 PM and Saturday 4-6 PM


Get Down to Business with Scott "Shalom" Klein Wednesday 4-5 AM & Noon-1 PM; Saturday 9-10 AM


The Got Your Six Podcast with Tony Nash Wednesday 6-7 PM; Saturday 6-7 AM & 6-7 PM


Lessons Learned from the Wyoming National Guard Thursday 11 PM-Midnight


Letters From My Father Thursday 5-6 AM


The Mental Health Warrior Podcast Friday Midnight-1 AM & 8-9 PM; Sunday 10-11 PM


Military Retirement Podcast  Wednesday 3-4 AM & 11 PM-Midnight


The Music that Got Us Through Vietnam with Brian Nadeau Sunday 8-9 PM


The Music that Got Us Through World War Two with Brian Nadeau Wednesday 8-9 PM


Oath We Took Podcast  Monday 1-2 AM & 5-6 PM


Oscar Mike Radio Thursday 11AM-Noon; Saturday 1-2 AM


Phiner Life Show Friday 9-10 PM; Sunday Midnight-1 AM & 11 AM-Noon


Podcast with A Cause Friday 10-11 AM; Saturday 5-6 AM; Sunday 3-4 PM


Ruck Up Buttercup Friday 11 PM-Midnight; Sunday 1-2 AM & 1-2 PM


Sense Per Mile Tuesday 7 PM-Midnight; Friday 1-2 AM


Soldier For Life Thursday 4-5 AM; Friday 11 AM-Noon; Sunday 2-3 PM


The Spouse Angle: Natalie Gross is your host, and every week, she brings on expert guests to dissect current events from a military perspective, sharing stories that affect the military community personally. Saturday 10-11 PM; Sunday 2-3 AM


Stars and Stripes Military Matters Podcast Monday 5-6 AM


#StillServing: The VFW Podcast Monday 3-4 AM & 11 PM-Midnight


Sword and Pen by Military Veterans in Journalism  Wednesday 5-6 AM; Sunday 7-8 AM


Tactical Treasures Podcast Thursday 7-8 PM; Saturday 1-2 PM; Sunday 5-6 AM


Today With Tally  Wednesday Midnight-1 AM & 9-10 PM; Saturday 11 PM-Midnight


Transacting Value Wednesday 5-6 PM; Thursday 1-2 AM; Sunday Noon-1 PM


True War Stories Monday Noon-1 PM; Saturday 2-3 AM; Sunday 11 PM-Midnight


Vet Chats Monday 9-10 PM; Thursday 2-3 AM; Saturday 3-4 PM


Veterans Corner Radio with Bill Hodges Wednesday 1-2 AM & 11-11:30 AM; Thursday 8-9 PM; Saturday 9-10 PM; Sunday 10-11 AM


The Veterans Forward Podcast Monday 4-5 AM & 10-11 PM; Sunday 5-6 PM


The Veterans Voice Project Thursday 10-11 AM; Saturday 8-9 AM; Sunday 3-4 AM & 6-7 PM


Veterans Voice Radio Wednesday 2-3 PM & 10-11 PM; Sunday 6-7 AM


The Washington Tattoo Podcast   Monday Midnight-1 AM; Friday 6-7 PM; Sunday 4-5 PM


Welcome Home Veterans Show Thursday 9-11 PM


Women of the Military Podcast Friday 3-4 AM & 7-8 PM; Saturday 11 AM-Noon


Your Next Mission Thursday 3-4 AM; Friday 10-11 PM; Saturday 2-3 PM



Thank you for tuning in and supporting all our shows and podcasts. As we continue to create new partnerships, be listening for more veteran-centric content from Wreaths Across America Radio the Voice for America’s Veterans. 

You can hear Wreaths Across America Radio on the iHeart, Audacy, and TuneIn apps and at https://wreathsacrossamerica.org/radio.