ORRGRC - Rogue River Cemetery |167762|
Please see our photo albums of our past ceremony and those we remember and honor.

James Joseph Welsh - WWI and WWII Veteran

James Thomas Martin - Vietnam U.S. Army

Dorothy L. Phillips Bearden - WWll U.S. Navy

Charle David Morris - WWll U.S. Army

Manuel M. Ramirez - Korea U.S. Army

Lawrenc Originales - Vietnam U.S. Army

Louis M. Ramirez - WWII U.S. Air Force

John Murillo Ramirez - WWII U.S. Air Force

Jim Ramirez - WWII U.S. Army

Bernardino M. Ramirez - WWII U.S. Army Veteran

Robert (Bob) Lamar Johnson - Korean War

Dorothy Nickerson - WWII Navy Veteran

Bud Dubay - WWII Navy Veteran