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Antonio Torres-Cintron, Army
Antonio Torres-Cintron, Army, Private, Born 12/02/27, Passed on 09/23/09, Posted by: Adanel V.
Querido Papi, siempre te recordaremos especialmente durante la navidad. Con mucho amor Ada, Lianny e Yvis.
Carlos Camacho-Rivera, Army
Carlos Camacho-Rivera, Army, Sgt E5, Served from 1999, Born 09/29/80, Passed on 11/05/04, Posted by: John Levine
Ghost Riders was Here
Charles Cone, Army
Charles Cone, Army, Tech 5, Served from 1941, Posted by: Michael Tucker
In Memoriam of : Harry Frank Davis (U.S. Coast Guard) and Charles Cone (U.S. Army) and all the brave men and woman who have served our county and who continue to do so. Thank you for your service! Michael and Fran Tucker
Francisco Ortiz, Army
Francisco Ortiz, Army, Posted by: Lisa P.
In loving memory of those in the Ortiz & Pedraza family that sacrificed so much in their service for our freedom & their families.
Enrique Figueroa Villafane, Navy
Enrique Figueroa Villafane, Navy, Petty Officer 3rd Class (BM3), Born 01/21/43, Passed on 08/18/10, Posted by: Enrique Figueroa
In loving memory of Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class (BM3), Enrique Figueroa Villafane, my father, who honorably served his country. Your children and grand children are very proud and thankful for your service to the nation.