Mission Matters Features American Gold Star Mothers

During this Coronavirus pandemic, Wreaths Across America shares resources with valued volunteers and supporters across the country who are searching for quality and factual materials to share with their children. Millions of Americans now find themselves at home with their children, solely responsible for their education. The mission of Wreaths Across America is to remember our fallen, honor those who serve, and TEACH younger generations the value of freedom.

Wreaths Across America has a treasured relationship with the American Gold Star Mothers (AGSM) organization. On this episode of Mission Matters with Karen Worcester on Wreaths Radio, the President of AGSM, Mona Gunn, speaks with Karen about the value of teaching children the meaning of character. The men and women who step up to serve our country, as a member of the uniformed services, display great character, and their special qualities are represented by the balsam bouquets making up a veteran's wreath. 

In the coming weeks, many of the Gold Star Mothers will share stories with us via video about their sons or daughters, and we will share them with you on the radio, and our social media channels. Their children paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation and they want you to remember how they lived and say their names with your children. These mothers will talk about the ten special qualities of the veteran's wreath and how those qualities represent aspects of their children's character.

Gold Star

Mona Gunn is a life-long educator who was serving as an elementary school principal when her 22-year-old son Cherone was killed in a terrorist attack on the U.S.S. Cole on October 12, 2000. During their interview, Mona shared with Karen it wasn't until four years after Cherone's death that she became involved with the American Gold Star Mother's organization, which she now leads. “When you lose your child, and in that first few weeks they give you that Gold Star lapel pin, it meant absolutely nothing to me because I wanted my son back. Then I realized that this was going to be an experience that I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life, so I went back to work and created my new normal.” In 2004, Mona saw an article in the newspaper that the AGSM National Convention was taking place in her hometown. That's when the reality hit her. "Wow, I'm a Gold Star Mother. I walked in the hotel and looked around at these women, these Mothers who have been on this journey, and it brought a sense of comfort to me that they would understand how I was feeling, and they would understand what I'm dealing with. That's when I joined the organization."

The frequent social media posts by parents who are expressing frustration at being “stuck” at home with their children don't necessarily resonate well with those like Mona who are denied that opportunity. “As Gold Star Moms, we would love to have our children home with us.”

Tune in for Mission Matters with Karen Worcester for her full interview with Mona Gunn and stay connected with Wreaths Across America as we share the stories of character from a group of mothers who are always serving others.

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