Battle of the Bulge Remembrance 2020

A vital objective of the Wreaths Across America mission is to teach younger generations the value of freedom. Our nation’s history speaks to the enormous sacrifices of the men and women who fought for liberty and justice.


In 2019, Wreaths Across America joined the nation in recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.  The mission to remember, honor, and teach was once again expanded overseas calling attention to the second largest land battle in American history which started in mid- December, and concluded late in January. This weekend, Wreaths Across America hosts a 75th remembrance of the end of the Battle of the Bulge with a service being performed by the Narraguagus American Legion Post No. 8


One of the event’s local coordinators is retired U.S. Army veteran, and associate director of Bugles Across America, Peter Duston. Peter had eight aunts and uncles who served during World War II, and he clearly remembers the end of the war. “The very day they called on the phone we were having Sunday dinner in New Hampshire at my grandmother’s house,” Peter shared. “The phone rang to say the war was over, and my grandmother lead us all in prayer, because it appeared as though all the aunts and uncles would be coming home.” Peter served with honor joining the Army in 1956, serving as a Russian linguist. He became disillusioned with the Vietnam War and resigned and moved to Maine. “I was actually 47 years old and teaching in New Hampshire when I decided to reenlist in the Army Reserve as an infantry instructor.” Pete’s ability to speak Ukrainian, Russian, and German made him well suited to finish up his career at West Point as a senior instructor running cadet basic training. One of his classes, simple called “Threat” found him role-playing a Russian officer in the Soviet Army. Since retiring, Pete has served as a bugler with multiple honor guards in Maine. He’s also been a scout master for years who not only teaches for the bugler merit badge, he makes sure the youngsters are involved in ceremonies and local efforts recognizing and honoring veterans.


Pete and his scouts, the American Legion, and Wreaths Across America Executive Director Karen Worcester invite you to the Battle of the Bulge Remembrance 2020, Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 11:00 AM at the Balsam Valley Amphitheater in Columbia Falls, Maine. Local heroes will be remembered.




  1. CPL Harold E. Dick, KIA 4 Jan 1945, buried in the American Cemetery Belgium, 504th Parachute Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division (remember Band of Brothers)
  2. PFC Arthur A. Monaghan, KIA 29 Dec 1944, buried in the American Cemetery Luxembourg, 328th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
  3. PFC Clayton L. Laughton, KIA 17 Dec 1944, buried in Machias, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
  4. SGT Darrell P. Trynor, KIA 1 Feb 1945 in the vicinity of St. Vith, Belgium buried in Jonesport, 48th Armored Infantry Regiment, 5th Armored Division
  5. Tech5 Alton F. Bohanon, KIA 21 Dec 1944 Buried in Alexander, 771st Tank Battalion, 84th Infantry Division
  6. Tec 5 Cecil K. Howard, KIA 15 Apr 1945 near the Elbe River and link-up with the Russians, Buried in E. Machias, 486th Anti -aircraft Battalion, 2nd Armored Division

    You can learn more about Pete’s service background and the upcoming event Saturday, during the #Wreaths Across America Radio Morning Show. Tune in!


    Presumed Local Battle of the Bulge Soldiers – verified from WWII discharges and unit records – researched by Peter Duston.

    1. SGT Joe Cummings, Jr. of Columbia Falls, 297th Engineers, 1st Infantry Division, D-Day to the Bulge
    2. PFC Donald Floyd of Columbia Falls 38th Infantry Reg, 2nd Infantry Division
    3. TEC5 Lucien Fornier of Milbridge, father of Jeanne Thompson, 7th Field Artillery, Silver Star Medal
    4. CPL Ernest Cotton of Cherryfield, Daughter Dixie and Sons Ernest Jr, David, and Tim, 78th Armond Field Artillery Battalion & 2nd Armored Division, French and Belgium Fore de Guerre’s – North Africa to Germany!
    5. SGT Alvah Fickett of Cherryfield, has family locally, Combat Engineer, Patton’s 3Rd Army 
    6. PFC Richard Meserve Sr. of Portland & Cherryfield, Company A, 295th Combat Engineers – fighting as Infantry
    7. SGT Francis Pinkham of Milbridge, Battery C, 7th Field Artillery, 1st Infantry Division, D-Day to the Bulge, Silver Star Medal – Artilleryman fighting as infantry at times
    8. CWO John J. Riley of Cherryfield & Jonesport, related to Tuckers, 741st Field Artillery, Patton’s 3rd Army, D-Day to the Bulge, Personnel Officer fighting as Infantry
    9. SGT Colson Robbins of Cherryfield, 676th Quartermaster Salvage Company – truck driver fighting as Infantry
    10. PFC Edson Schoppee of Steuben, 3261st Engineer Battalion (Power Line), lineman fighting as infantry
    11. TEC 5 Harold Sprague of Cherryfield, Timmy and Terry Sprague in S. Maine, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division – lineman fighting as infantry
    12. T SGT Carroll Wiley of Cherryfield, Charmin’s grandfather, 503rd Fighter Squadron – Army Air Corps provided air support when the weather cleared
    13. Forrest “Swag” Atwater Sr. Unionville, Armor “Half Track Crew”
    14. Staff SGT Herbert C. Chassey of Eastport, Richard Chassey – son Combat Engineer, 9th Infantry Division
    15. Harold West of Milbridge, widow – Ramona West, US Army Purple Heart during the Bulge – 3rd Army
    16. PFC Warren L. Davis of Addison, obituary says Battle of the Bulge, 873rd Chemical Company Air Operations