During July Wreaths Across America Celebrates Five New Reasons to Give


During the Month of July Wreaths Across America Celebrates Five New Reasons to Give

When like-minded organizations find ways to fulfill their own mission while supporting one another those collaborative efforts can have a powerful impact on individual communities and the nation.

As the “Christmas in July” theme leaps into the marketing consciousness of multitudes, Wreaths Across America continues to develop and celebrate partnerships with other nonprofit organizations. In fact, to date, Wreaths Across America has helped generate over 8 million dollars in revenue for other nonprofit organizations whose missions support military veterans and their families.

In addition to the thousands of Fundraising Groups across the country already working hard to support local participating cemeteries, Wreaths Across America is promoting five new exciting partnerships through our “Giving in July” campaign.

“It’s during the holidays that our deployed servicemen and women miss home the most and there are empty seats at family gatherings,” explains Wreaths Across America’s executive director, Karen Worcester. “And generally, it is during the holidays, when conflict and strife are replaced by charity and goodwill toward one another. But we want our  country’s veterans to be thought of and honored each and every day of the year, not just in December.”

By sponsoring a wreath(s) through the designated pages for each group you will not only sponsor a veterans’ wreath to be placed in honor of an American hero in December, but $5 of each $15 contribution goes directly to the featured group to help support their mission.  

These are the new nonprofit organizations joining the Wreaths Across America family as we work daily to remember our fallen, honor those who currently serve and their families and teach younger generations the value of freedom.

The Gary Sinise Foundation: The Mission of the Gary Sinise Foundation, is to serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. We do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.

The Maine Troop Greeters and Museum: The mission of the Maine Troop Greeters is to express the Nation’s (and our) gratitude and appreciation to the Troops, for those going overseas for a safe return and for those returning for a joyful homecoming and to make their (hopefully brief) stay in Bangor as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Additionally we will honor the trust placed in us by these troops by preserving and perpetuating the donations entrusted to our care, through display, education and sharing of these collections.

The Travis Manion Foundation: The mission of the Travis Manion Foundation it to unite communities to build an America that values character above all else: where integrity is more important than celebrity and social impact overrides personal gain; where acts of courage, service and kindness permeate the nightly news, and where communities unite together to raise each other up.

America’s Mighty Warriors: America’s Mighty Warriors mission is to honor the sacrifices of our troops, the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery.

Honor & Remember (Run for the Fallen’s parent organization): The Mission is to Honor and Remember every American fallen service member and recognize the enduring sacrifice of every family.The organization pays tribute to all military lives lost, not only while serving on active duty but also as a result of serving. Military deaths in all wars or conflicts and all branches of service from our nation’s inception are recognized.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence in July, Wreaths Across America and our partner organizations encourage you to pay tribute to those men and women who have served and in many instances given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to defend our freedom and liberties.